5 Conference Rooms Your Company Needs

When your employees are in an average of 62 meetings per month, it’s critical to make sure they have what they need to hold useful meetings and reduce wasted time. Having the right spaces for the job is one way to improve productivity during meetings. Here are the 5 conference rooms your company needs.

1. Collaboration Room

It’s helpful to have a more open space with plenty of seating, a whiteboard, and TV to let employees brainstorm, however, works best. Make sure you include comfortable conference chairs and a meeting table.

TIP: A rolling chair is a good choice, so people can move freely as they brainstorm.
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2. Large Conference Room

You need a large conference space that can accommodate people joining or leaving the meeting at different times. This is especially helpful when meetings involve multiple departments or you have clients in the office.

TIP: A banquet-style setup helps ensure everyone can communicate and interact well.
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3. Phone Room

A small room for private personal or work phone calls is a must, especially in an open office. Every employee needs to occasionally take sensitive personal calls, or a quiet space to talk to clients.

TIP: Keep it simple. A small desk and chair are perfect for the space.
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4. Small Meeting Room

This multipurpose space works for smaller group conversations and should have video conference capabilities in case you need to chat with clients, remote employees or prospective job candidates.

TIP: Semicircular or small rectangular table can help you save space while keeping maximum flexibility in how the room is used.
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5. Boardroom

When you have the board in town or executive meetings, the boardroom is the place to be. It should be the nicest looking meeting room in the building, stocked with every amenity.

TIP: Clean, contemporary lines will help maintain a professional feel.


No matter your company size, you need to consider how employees work best when designing conference spaces. Think about how and where people like to collaborate and build your rooms to foster better work.