Adonis FAQs

Why Is The Lead Time So Long? Adonis chairs and bar stools are custom stained and upholstered, according to your selections on Atlas & Lane. We make every possible effort to produce a quality, one-of-a-kind piece for your home or business. At times, we are able to manufacture in less than 4-5 weeks, and will do our best to build as soon as we can, while still adhering to our high standards of quality.
What Is the Typical Cost of Shipping & Handling? Like all of your other Atlas & Lane purchases, we also offer free shipping on the Adonis Line!
How Can I Track My Order? You will receive an email containing tracking information for your order. 
How Much Fabric Is Needed to Upholster Each Product? We have specified the amount of fabric required for each chair listed as part of the Dimensions.
What is Sherpa Fabric? What is Shire? Sherpa is a solid color weave fabric, while Shire is a multi-color version. Both are a sturdy woven construction that is forgiving of punctures, tears, etc. 
I'm Not Seeing A Fabric Option That I Like, Are There Other Choices Available? While we do offer a limited selection of durable fabric options, we understand that your home or facility is as unique as you are. Please select "Custom" as your fabric choice and reach out to our Customer Service for more options. We are happy to help you create a piece that expresses you!
Are Adonis Chairs Available in Other Types of Wood? While we offer 28 stains on the Adonis Line, we use 100% European Beech to create all of our chairs and bar stools. The wood grain is such that depending on the finsih you choose, you can match other wood-tones you may already have on hand. We have found this to be an elegant, while durable, material for our product, and we think you'll agree. 
Why Are There Two Different Heights Available in the Bar Stools? We offer a standard 30" tall bar stool, but realize that not all counter tops will accommodate this height. With this in mind, we are able to cut the legs to 24" heights as well. This option is available at no additional cost to you! Just specify which height you prefer before loading your cart. 
Is there an extra cost to cut stools down? No, we are able to cut down stools to 24" heights as well, at no extra cost to you. 
Is There Any Additional Cost for the Brighter or Specialty Stain Colors? All 28 stains offered are available at the same cost, which is included in the price of our product. 
Can the Adonis Line Be Stained to Match My Existing Furniture? Of course! However, please note that we may require additional fees & approvals, and that the custom stain-matching process will increase the time required to build your chairs. 
What is a KickPlate, and Do I Need One for My Bar Stool? Kickplates are thin sheets of metal installed on the front and side footrests of our bar stools (may vary depending on model). They are fastened via screws, and provide added support to the foot rests (in high-traffic-use situations), and protection to the wood finish. They are available in three different colors, and can be installed at no additional cost.
Is Adonis Product Okay for Outdoor Use? Due to the materials, construction, and finish of the Adonis chairs and bar stools, we do not recommend that this product be used outdoors. Natural wood expands, shrinks, or warps depending on temperature, humidity, or exposure to direct sunlight, and the Adonis Line is not treated for water-proofing or UV protection. Unfortunately, damage or warping from outdoor use will not be covered under the 10 Year Warranty.
Does It Cost More to Choose the Upholstered Option? No, we charge the same price for the upholstered or non-upholstered seat or back options. 
What Is Ganging? Ganging is simply a device that "hooks" one chair to another. This is ideal for creating straight, uniform rows in classroom settings, assemblies, or any public events. Ganging is built into the frame of the chair and is descrete, yet sturdy, allowing you to use the chairs by themselves or in rows.
What is the Difference Between In-Line Wheels and Casters? In-Line Wheels are slim wheels that are installed partially within the actual leg of the chair, making them an elegant option for settings where only back and forth motion may be required. Castors are installed externally at the end of the chair leg, and can rotate 360 degrees, for situations where a more full range of motion may be required. 
What Type of Material Is Used for the Upholstered Cushion? We use High Density Foam for our upholstered seat cushions. They are installed directly onto the frame of tehchar, and are not removeable or interchangeable.
What Is Meant By "Arm Height"? The Arm Height of a chair or bar stool refers to the distance from the top of the armrest to the floor. This can assist you with choosing a chair with arms that will fit beneath your table or counter, if desired.